Our kitchen, Cozinha de Carnaval, features Brazilian Street Food.  Menu highlights include grilled meats and vegetables on skewers, fresh salads, Pastéis, and, of course, a great burger and fries. 


Stop by every Monday for a Brazilian take on a New Orleans tradition when we serve Feijoada—a traditional black bean stew with pork & beef served over rice. 

Cozinha de Carnaval's chef, Gustavo Naar, was born in Rio de Janeiro.  His menu combines family recipes from Brazil with local influences he learned throughout his 11 year career cooking at establishments in his adopted home of New Orleans.  

The restaurant is located inside Carnaval Lounge, and is open daily from 5pm

To download a copy of Cozinha de Carnaval's menu, click here

All prices include tax.


Small Plates


Savory Brazilian pastries (2 to an order) filled with fresh mozzarella, served with homemade pepper jelly $7

Yucca Fritas

Yucca fries served with serrano-lemon aioli $7

Batatas Fritas

Potato fries served with garlic aioli $6


Fresh greens, tomato, red onion & hearts of palm, tossed with Abita Amber, oregano & sunflower seed vinaigrette $6

Beans & Rice

Black beans, white rice & molho $5


Brazilian Street Food


Top sirloin marinated in Gustavo's secret blend of spices $8


Flank steak coated in rosemary and garlic-infused salt $8

Coracoa de Frango

Chicken hearts with fresh sage, rosemary, garlic and lemon $7

Frango com Toicinho

Chicken in bacon with thyme, rosemary and cumin $8


Shrimp brushed with chili lime sauce, served with serrano lemon aioli $8


Grilled fresh vegetables, served with serrano lemon aioli $6

Hamburger Leo

Sirloin burger served with batatas fritas $12

Add provolone cheese $1

Add a fried egg $2


Feijoada - The national dish of Brazil Black bean stew with pork & beef,
served over rice $12